Why is PUBG so addictive?

pubg addiction

PUBG is undeniably the most addictive game till date. It is so addictive that I have heard people leaving exams to play it. But, have you ever wondered what makes PUBG so addictive? Well, I have an answer to it. In this article, I will quote down some factors that make PUBG addictive.

Socialize: Before proceeding further with this point, I have some questions for you. What makes Facebook addictive? What makes Instagram addictive? What makes Whatsapp addictive? What makes Tinder addictive? Many questions, one answer. All of them allow us to interact with the world. Humans are social animal. So, we somehow like the unpredictability of human behavior. This is why these social apps find their place in our lifestyle. When they get a place in our lifestyle, they become a habit and gradually addiction.

Relatably incentivized: After a long day of hectic work, we all need good food and rest.  The designers of PUBG know this. But, come on, they can’t offer you food after each victory. So, they offer some incentive that is relatable (chicken dinner). Now, relatable things interest people much more than any other things. This is why videos like “types of people at the gym” and “types of people in the office” go viral easily.

Hack proof: Once we all played Mini Militia. But, after some time, hackers took over the game. Slowly then, people lost interest in it. But, this is not the case with PUBG. PUBG has a great advantage to allow users to report any other user that is suspected to have a hack. After some analysis, the people working at the office of Tencent take actions on the user. This keeps the game hack proof and enjoyable always.

Dynamic hardness: Many games we see have a standard defined level of hardness. But, PUBG has a dynamic level of hardness. In PUBG, we get to play with people around the globe having different skill levels. This makes the game much more addictive than any other game.

New maps: The developers at Tencent are always working hard to bring us the best experience they can. This is why we can enjoy the game on amazing maps like Sanhok. And, of course, we all love to have variety. PUBG gives it to us by introducing more maps.

All these factors make PUBG a part of our daily life. And if anything finds its way to our daily life, it becomes an addiction. As simple as that! To those, who want to get rid of any addiction like this, I have only one statement for you. Get out of your comfort zone. Thank You!

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