Amazon Alexa: How it knows if you have COVID-19?

amazon alexa
amazon alexa

If you feel the effect of COVID-19 and just want to confirm the risk, Amazon Alexa can do it for you. Yes, you heard it right. Your smart digital assistant can do it for you. You can ask any question about the on-going pandemic and Alexa will answer it to you. But, do you know how it does that? In this article we will look into the internal mechanism behind this.

             So, let me first tell you how to trigger this. Just ask, “Alexa, what do I do if I think I have COVID-19”. Simple it is. Now, it will ask you a series of question. Please note; you have to provide honest answers to these questions. After the ending of this short questionnaire, Alexa will predict your risk of having COVID-19 disease. Now, let us get into the actual mechanism.

            When you hear about the amazing capability of Amazon Alexa, there are many questions emerging in your mind. From where does it get the information? How can it analyse the risk just by asking few questions? I will answer all of these in a very simple manner. First, the engineers of Amazon Alexa have acquired the information from the CDC website. Then, they loaded the information into the database in the form of a quiz program. So, when you ask question about COVID-19, Alexa finds its meaning and converts it into instructions and responses. After the quiz is complete, it evaluates the responses recorded from you to analyse the risk as stated in CDC guidelines. As simple as that.

            This is how Alexa analyses your risk of having COVID-19 disease. But, you can’t just rely on it for the analysis. If you doubt having COVID-19 disease, you should carry out a physical test in a nearby lab. Thank You. Stay Safe.

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