Whatsapp Hacked! How to stay protected?

whatsapp hacked
whatsapp hacked

have found out a way to breach the Whatsapp’s security protocol just by making
a voice call to your Whatsapp number. This threat was confirmed by Whatsapp and
has addressed the issue. Whatsapp released an official update on May 13, 2019
to fix this problem. To everyone reading this article, I request you to update
your Whatsapp as soon as possible.

threat is not only active on Android devices, but also on iOS devices. So, if
you have not updated Whatsapp to the latest version, please do it as soon as
possible. Now, I am going to share some tips with you, that you need to follow
if you think your phone is hacked.

What to do if you think your phone is hacked?

  • Turn off the internet/WiFi.
  • Turn on Airplane Mode.
  • Backup all your data to PC.
  • Reset your phone.
  • After reset, change all online password (Gmail,
    Facebook or anything linked in that phone).

How it is hacked?

Hackers take the advantage of a
system called end to end encryption. This system was provided by Whatsapp to
enhance your security. But, end to end encryption is carried out through certain
process. Hackers have found out a way to exploit this process by making a voice
call to your Whatsapp account. Experts have reported that, your phone gets
hacked no matter you receive the call or reject it.

We will update you with more
information. Please stay tuned. Please share this with all your friends so that
they can also stay protected.

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